Hey buddy

Under the wire

Now I can't have the joy of just "turning my right wrist just a quarter turn withershins."

It has not been a good day. Bad day at work. Bad day at home. Plus, something sort of odd happened, today, with some weird undertone--it's kind of pissing me off the way it was handled; or more specifically, what was said to me. It put me in a bad position; I discussed this with someone else at work and we agreed it wasn't worth getting worked up over, even if the delivery sucked.

Work is just fucked, period. After everything today, I'm almost siding with everyone else--it's like you can either get away with working part time (because you can afford to, because the boss is afraid of losing you altogether) or you feel like you ought to find employment in some other area of the institution because even though all of these people are now part-time or working from home 3/4 time, the work isn't going anywhere. I don't know what management is thinking.

And, I need to know how to get the smell of puke out of the carpet, ASAP. Those of you with kids ought to be able to help. It's worse than it was yesterday when it happened.