Hey buddy

Matt and I

And it looks as if my friend Matt will be staying with me this weekend, if he races at Gateway. My house is a disaster. Again.

Today is the scientific review committee meeting. I have only one protocol being reviewed. It is the one that was nit-picked within an inch of its being, so it should slide through like greased shit.

It amazes me how some people manage to get where they are in life. I received an email today from a Fellow who is working on a protocol. The summary of this email was that this detail-oriented doctor needs to re-review the protocol since changes were made but she'll be sure to get it to the Fellow on the 24th since that's the submission deadline.

Whoa Nelly. This would be great and wonderful and even acceptable if 1) Forms didn't need to be completed and 2) Data Forms didn't need to be created and 3) a consent form didn't need to be written. It takes approximately a full day to open a study. I further understand that this study needs A LOT of work.

When is your deadline to submit it this month, she writes me after I explain this.

Uh, last week.

My friend Matt just emailed me and told me they are having a little girl. I'm so happy. Now all of my friends have babies...Rich is having twins, Bill just had a little girl, now Matt. But not me. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Matt. I remember when Matt got married; it felt like an end of an era. Now, it feels the same way.

Hrm. I think I will save my Ode to Matt for Gladkin. Since he's from the Quad Cities and all. Look for it soon.