Hey buddy

Two years is a long time

In about 6 hours, it will mark the 2nd year from the day I walked into the Liquor Store to buy a six pack of Guinness and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The last 731 days have been very interesting, however, have lead nowhere very certain. I will say, though, that my life is different in at least 731 ways than before I walked into the Liquor Store.

2 years ago, I lived in a larger (and less expensive) apartment a half-block from my current digs. I had a job where I made more money, but had less soul. I had a dial-up internet connection. I had not yet become a regular at the Cats Meow, or Mollys, or any Soulard bar. Every Friday, and often other days, I drove from work to Westport. On Fridays I spent the night at Phil and Holly's or Barb's. I could still go to McNulty's, as McNulty's still existed. On Saturdays, I dated. I'm living in my 3rd apartment. I never lived alone in this one or the one before it.

Phil and Holly have divorced, I heard; McNulty's is closed; I heard Bradford's has closed. Barb moved to Arizona.

I met Larry, Eric, the Toms, the Meteorologist and the Geologist. I don't drink Jack anymore. Just rum. I have a lanai. I have a weblog. I've been unemployed, I have a new job and this is my 3rd office since taking this job. I've been a liquor store widow and last summer, a golf-widow.

I don't get beyond the city limits much anymore--some of that is due to my agoraphobia, alot of it is due to the fact I have pretty much everything I need in the city. I have a library card, I have FURNITURE.

We have, together, fought, laughed, cried. Occasionally we have sex. We've made and eaten countless meals together; we've fallen in love and fallen out of love (sometimes even with each other). We've spent late nights at the Casino Queen, we've been up at the crack of dawn with Danny at Pops, waiting for the Brandy Inn to open. We've danced at Pooh's and eaten the best bar hamburgers anywhere.

We lived in an apartment without heat during the months of January and February; I taught him how to clean the kitty litter, which he does regularly, along with taking out the trash and cleaning the refrigerator. We used to take baths together, but our current bathtub is too small for that.

Sometimes it doesn't seem like it; other times it seems too long.